List Entry View


The users need to add items to a list


Show a simple entry form directly above the total list of items


Use when

Users are building up a list of items one by one. The items they are adding are very simple, typically a name of a personal or item, and possible one or two extra fields. If the items are complex, typically consisting of 4 or more fields, this pattern should not be used. This pattern is particularily good when a lot of data has to be entered manually.


The form must have an 'add' button and pressing it will add the item to the total list and clear the form for the entry of the next item.


The main strength of this pattern is that it reduces the amount of steps needed in the process of adding items to a list. Normally, users would first click on the 'add item' button which then shows the entry form and then confirm the action. This pattern saves one step in the process and only minimally clutters the interface.

More Examples

Twitter uses this pattern to quickly post messages.


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2 comments have been added to this pattern

Jorge Cardoso, 14th October 2009
Isn't this the "List Builder" pattern? The names seem to be switched...
gail meir, 21st December 2010
I have not been able to decide which pattern I preferred.
You have so many beautiful examples. I intend on leaving this for the evening,, and at that point, I will make one of these beauties, my favorite. My father used to say that you should never rush a woman...I agree.

Gail Meir

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