Footer Bar


Users need to know the conditions under which they can use a site


Add a footer bar with links to the conditions of use.


Use when

The site contains material that is copyrighted or keeps personal data of customers.


The conditions of use may include a link to a copyright statement, disclaimers, privacy statements and other legal matters. The footer bar is also often combined with a Repeated Menu or other types of navigation that may come in handy. A footer bar is appropriate on any page of the site and should therefore become a standard element of all page templates.


More Examples

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Amy Janczy, 3rd October 2007
Your Help Page pattern links to the Footer Bar as a good place to include a Help link, so it would be nice to have an example of that. See for a nice footer.

As far as the Why section above, I think you could move the last sentence of How.
Yiorgos Adamopoulos, 7th May 2008
There is another pattern kind of similar to this one. A footer bar that displays the copyright holder of the information and some (but limited) other stuff but without any links. For example see

Could we call this the Linkless Footer Bar

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