Campaign Site


Users must be informed about a new product or campaign


Create small thematic site that markets a product in a different way than simply listing its features


Use when

You are introducing a new product or are you starting a temporal campaign. Typically, the site is a Corporate Site or that regularly have such launches. A campaign site complements a Product Page by taking a different thematic perspective on the product.


The most important aspect of a campaign site is that it has a 'theme'. Usually there is already a Product Page that lists the product's features and functionality. Often theme's focus on the use of the product or tie in with some 'lifestyle' aspects of the product, relating explicitly to its target audience. For example in the example above, Nokia is emphasizing the fact that this particular phone can be used in all weather conditions. An other approach is to use a 'game' as part of the campaign site. The game is that again related to an aspect of using the product.

Campaign sites are often shown in a pop-up in order to emphasize its 'specialness' and take the user out of the normal site's context. Campaign sites are often highly appealing in terms of graphical design and are hence often made in Flash.


A Product Page is often a bit too boring for marketing a product at its launch. A campaign site makes users focus on a mini-site in a funny and highly visual way. Because it focuses on the use of the product rather than the features it is a powerful way to explain why people need the product.

More Examples

When Vodafone introduced UMTS the used this campaign site that showed how users would experience UMTS if they had it.

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