Community Site


People with common concerns or interest want to act as a group for themselves and for others.


Create a simple site offering information about the topic and the group.


Use when

There is a group of people that wants to reach out to others, share information and offer help. The group needs to make itself known and what it does.


In community site, being somebody and being able to share thoughts with others is crucial. A discussion forum, chatrooms and mail services are often found elements of a community site. Background information (documents, links), events, contact information, Some community sites have developed as News Site since they are mainly there to give the latest updates about a topic. The topic is more important than to make the group in the foreground. Such site are often very simple and without any christmas decoration. The site is not there to be beautiful, it must be clear and to the point. Typical menu items: - Resources - Documents - Contact Us - Events - What do we do


A community is for the people and by the people. People want to make themselves known and tell others how they are related to the topic.

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